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Developing a Marketing Plan

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I need help getting started on this assignment. Please help with sources, outline or flow of information in the paper, and main points that should be addressed. Thank you.

General Electric is launching a self cleaning refrigerator. The plan is to use upscale distributors for the initial launch and to target middle class families.

I have to:
- Develop an initial sales promotion schedule.
- Create an advertising plan.

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The expert develops a marketing plan for initial sales promotion schedules. An advertising plan is created.

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Thank you for posting today. I'm going to briefly discuss some of the highlights of what your marketing plan should include, then I'll give you a sample outline, and I am also going to attach a couple sample Marketing Plans I wrote. Hopefully, this should give you an idea of what direction to go in.

The great thing about marketing plans is they can contain as much or as little information as you need. They can be as small as 2-3 pages, or as large as 100. The key to any good marketing plan is knowing what you are looking to achieve. You have the benefit of a completely hypothetical product, with a few parameters. However, the good news is, you get to make up a lot of things. For example, a real marketing plan will almost certainly have budgetary restrictions. The ...

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