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    Email Marketing: Opt-In vs Opt-Out

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    Assume you are working for a company that sells music online. The marketing department would like to send e-mails to customers who have purchased music from the Web site. These e-mails would use information about the genres of music customers have purchased in the past and would offer those discounts on new releases in those genres.

    Discuss your thoughts/feelings about marketing managers using an opt-in statement for permission to send such emails that would appear when customers make their first purchase.
    -Should all businesses/organizations have the opt-in statement?
    -Or should they only have an opt-out statement in which you are automatically enrolled unless you accept/check the out-out statement?

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    There are benefits and drawbacks to both opt-in and opt-out statements. Opt-ins are very intentional and you know that the individual indeed wants to receive your intended message. With opt-ins, a Marketing Manager can expect to have a higher open rate of emails, higher engagement rates, higher click thru rates and lower unsubscribe rates. However, your email database will be ...

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    This solutions examines the benefits of both email opt-in and email opt-out and provides a recommendation to the provided situation. The solutions covers elements such as email open-rate, email engagement rate, email click-through rates and email unsubscribe rates.