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Opt-In vs Opt-Out Memo

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Prepare a 3 page memorandum that examines an opt-in vs opt-out startegy for an online buiness to daopt. 3 external reference must be cited.

Memo format
Executive summary includeds description of sector the online firm is a part of PHARMACUTICAL

Opt-In Police Strategy - Discuss Merits
Opt-Out Plicey strategy discuss merits
Conclusion identifiy which stragey will be implemented and why

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Executive Summary:

In today's internet world, companies in each and every industry are opting for marketing strategies that utilize web or internet to reach target customers. In other words, e-marketing and internet are becoming an integral part of each and eveyr industry. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are also increasingly utilizing web/internet to market their products/services and distribute/gather information from target customers.

However, marketing via the internet or collection/dissemination of information via the internet has resulted in numerous ethical and security issues pertaining to privacy and security of confidential information of the people, especially in case of highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

In this memo, we will understand the relevance of Opt-in and Opt-out strategy, as it relates to online pharmaceutical businesses and its relative merits, demerits and concerns related to privacy and security.

Let us start this assignment by understanding the difference between Opt-in and Opt-out Strategy.

In layman terms, an "opt in" requires an action or affirmation by an individual for inclusion and the default is exclusion whereas an "opt out" requires an action or affirmation for exclusion and the default is inclusion.

Reference: http://privacy.med.miami.edu/glossary/xd_opt_in_out.htm

Under opt out, a ...

Solution Summary

Prepare a 3 page memorandum that examines an opt-in vs opt-out startegy for an online buiness to daopt. 3 external reference must be cited.

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