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Product launch of a Ford C-Max auto

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The product launch is Ford C-Max auto
Launch areas are Canada as the domestic country and India as the international country

The elements of focus for the paper are:
1. The marketing objectives and marketing strategy
2. Pricing
3. Marketing Communication (including public relations)

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//The following paper will shed light on Ford C-Max Auto product, that is going to be launched in its domestic country Canada, and India, the international venture. The assignment discusses the marketing strategy, pricing, and marketing communication strategies that the company will follow in both the markets. C-Max is the part of Ford's global small vehicles strategy and has objectives of improved technology and low ownership cost for small families. A brief introduction of the product is summarized in the initial paragraph under the same heading//

About the product: C-Max

Ford Motor's new C-Max is a small vehicle and their strategy is to deliver 2 million vehicles annually by 2012 from a single platform C-vehicle (New Ford C-Max: clever, compact vehicle to move young families with flexibility, fuel efficiency, 2011).

The company's chairman Bill Ford says that the price of the gas is predicted to go up and their marketing strategy will be based on this fact. It represents the company's vision showing how the future sport utility vehicle customers, can be effectively attracted and how can they be satisfied. Ford is now committed to get the tag of world's greenest auto makers (Ford Unleashes New Wave of Vehicles and Technologies at the Geneva Motor Show, 2011).

//After having an overview of the company and its product in the following paragraph, the Marketing Objectives and Marketing Strategy of Ford C-Max will be discussed://

Marketing Objectives of Ford C-Max:

When launching its new product, the company has some objectives like consumer satisfaction, new and advanced technology, responsive performance, improved sustainability, upgraded levels of comfort and convenience, bringing the ownership cost of the product down, to deliver lowest fuel consumption Ford range etc. (Ford overview, 2011).

Marketing Strategy of Ford C-Max:

Target Market:

The target market for C-Max would be families from Canada and India, who strive for ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1028 words with references.

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