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Colgate Max Fresh Marketing Assessment

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Case Study: Colgate Max Fresh
1. Analyze the changes (relative to the US launch of Colgate Max Fresh) made by CP China in launching Colgate Max Fresh in China. What is your opinion of these changes?
2. How did CP Mexico manage the launch of Colgate Max Fresh in Mexico. Compare the Mexican and Chinese launch programs. Who did a better job and why?
3. Evaluate the global roll-out of Colgate Max Fresh. What are your recommendations?

Note: Your answers should be around 1000 words. Please cite your work.

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Changes made by CP China in launching Colgate Max Fresh in China
Analysis of Chinese toothpaste market
• The market size was $868 million with a growth of 38% since 2000
• Like most other emerging markets China was heavily skewed towards therapeutic segment, however freshness segment was increasing
• Major competitors in the market were Crest Tea Fresh which emphasized whitening, and Darlie which was positioned with a cosmetic taste platform- freshness and whiteness.
• The market was heavily skewed towards lower-priced local brands with only 30% of the market by value in the premium segment.
• The price difference was significant. Premium products were charged 11-12 RMB while local products were charged 4RMB.
• Chinese market demanded some changes from CP in order to meet local consumer preferences.
 Name Change: From Colgate Max Fresh to Icy Fresh
Reason: The biggest challenge in launching CMF was getting the consumer communication right. Colgate Max Fresh did not test as well as other names in China which led to name being changed to Icy Fresh.
 Term Change: Breadth strips to Cooling Crystals
Reason: The term breadth strips was meaningless since the niche breadth strip category was practically unknown in China. Cooling crystals was identified and qualified as the most relevant and meaningful phrase to describe breadth strips to Chinese consumers.
 Advertising Strategy
Reason: Freshness was a new concept for Chinese consumers ...

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Analysis and comparison of Colgate's launch programs in China and Mexico.