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    audience, unique product

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    To create an effective media plan, you need to know who your customers are and what connects them to your organization or product. You bring this issue up at your marketer's networking meeting.

    Select one of the following pairs: toothpaste (Colgate - Crest), coffee shops (Starbucks - Caribou Coffee), electronic stores (Best Buy - Circuit City), or discount membership stores (Costco - Sam's Club). Answer the following questions about each company.

    * Who is their target audience?
    * What unique product/service does this organization offer its clients?
    * What are three elements that separate this organization from its competition? (Think about pricing, place or distribution method, and promotion.)
    * What integrated marketing communications techniques does the organization use to attract and maintain clients?

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    //The given discussion paper is based on the 'Concept of Media Plan'. The products selected for this media plan are 'Colgate' and 'Crest'. In this series, in the first section of the discussion paper, the meaning of the 'Media Planning' is given in detailed manner.//

    Colgate vs. Crest

    Media planning is the process of preparing a course of action that decides the use of advertising time & space to fulfill the advertising and marketing objectives. It focuses on an effective communication regarding a product to the target customer by using proper selection of media channel(s) timing and placement of the advertisement. Media planning involves environmental analysis setting the objectives developing media strategy and implementation.

    //In the next section of the discussion paper, the product selected for the discussion such as Colgate and Crest are discussed in regard to their companies. In the current segment, all the details are included about "Colgate".//

    Colgate (Colgate - Palmolive) and Crest (Procter & Gamble) are two big companies operating in oral health care products. These companies are dealing in tooth brushes toothpastes whitening etc. Colgate has been serving the world market for a very long time experience and it puts Crest on second position in the US market in 1988. Before this Crest had been maintaining its first position in the American market for 30 years.


    In 1806William Colgate founded the company as a business of starchsoap and candle in New York City (Colgate2008). Colgate introduced its toothpaste in 1896 in collapsible tube and became very popular all over the world. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 962 words with references.