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Product Endorsements-How They Affect Consumer's Perception

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1. Provide a research background on how the selection of endorsers can affect a consumer's perception about the brand being represented.

2. Include examples of a good match and bad match and explain the implications of both situations with regard to the short-term health of the product or brand.

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Organizations engage in various forms of marketing communications as a means in which they attempt to inform, persuade, and remind customers about the product or the brand (Kotler and Keller, 2006). These authors further emphasized that marketing communications represent the voice of the brand and an important way to communicate and build relationship with the consumers. Basically, marketing communications perform functions such as informing the existent of the product, the producer of the product and where the product can be bought, the use of the product and why it must be used, and several other data that would convince the target audience to buy the product. Through the said communication, the brand will be established into the mind of the buyers. This is the so-called brand equity. Marketing communication can also be an effective means by which the company would craft the image that it would like to put up about a product or a brand.
Marketing communication can be done through several forms: advertising, sales promotion, events and experiences, public relations and publicity, direct marketing, and personal selling (Kotler and Keller, 2006). To these authors, advertisement is a paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.
It is in advertisements where companies make use of endorsers to present and promote ideas about the products or services of a ...

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