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    Developing a New Item for Market: Eureka Fresh

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    Below is the name and description of a new product to be released to the market. Please answer the two questions below pertaining to the product.

    1. - Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan
    2. - Identify public relations opportunities for the product

    The product: Eureka Fresh
    Description of Product:
    The new product is for the Eureka Vacuum cleaner to have a component attached to the unit, which releases an air fresher. The new component would be able to release the air fresher from the front part of the vacuum by pushing a button on the hand held handle when the vacuum is in use. Eureka vacuum cleaner has many types of accessories and vacuum cleaners, but has yet designed a vacuum cleaner that would release air fresher. Adding a new component of the Eureka vacuum cleaner would be a new technology and exciting for customers when cleaning because it would add a fresh clean scent after vacuuming ones living or work area.
    We will be positioning the product as an add-on feature and as part of the new inventory of Eureka vacuum products. Our strategy is to move into the market and advertise as an alternative to the floor products and air fresheners currently on the market. Our product will last longer than either the floor refreshers, such as powders and sprays, and air fresheners, which have to be replaced every thirty days. We will place the product in both the area where air fresheners are sold and also in the vacuum cleaner sales areas. We want to position ourselves in both retail and commercial outlets where our products are currently sold and also in grocery stores and other retailers where we can compete with markets we are competing against or we feel we are a good substitution for.
    With our add-on feature, we will automatically be different and for people who use vacuum cleaners. The add-on will come pre attached to the new models Eureka sells and will come as an aftermarket add-on available for use. Since the freshener product is in capsule form, it will be easy to use and easy to store. We are planning to offer the capsules in multi packs as well. We will eliminate the need to use plug in devices that take up valuable sockets. The Eureka product is safer than burning candles and safe to use around children and pets. Children like to play with the wall socket plug ins and they can injure themselves when candles are burning and wax is hot.

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    Hi: I am happy to help. The biggest items that come to mind are stressing the uniqueness of the product and using guerrilla marketing to capture the customer. No one wants a smelly house but it is often hard to sway customers to accept new concepts. I have given you some suggestions and ideas to consider for the product. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you have any questions or need clarification. I want to make sure you are happy and feel that I have helped you.

    Here are some ideas for your paper:

    Eureka Fresh is a perfect opportunity to introduce a product in multiple channels of trade. Best Buy, Kohl's, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, True Value, Sam's Club, B.J.'s, Costco, and Wal-mart each offer vacuum cleaners so they are a natural fit for this new product. In addition, Amazon and other online retailers including Eureka Vacuum Cleaner's own site could be used. On the website I would make sure to highlight Eureka Fresh on the home page and show off all the unique features.

    I would also consider branching this product into industrial/commercial use. By getting the product placed commercially and having people see and smell the product they will be intrigued and hopefully want to buy the product for home use. To this end I would market the Eureka Fresh Vacuum Cleaner to companies that sell to commercial cleaning services in an effort to reach more consumers in the long run. I would try to place the Eureka Fresh into hotels of all sizes, office spaces, and airport terminals for commercial use. There are many places you visit daily that are vacuumed several times a week or even more than once daily. I would focus on finding these locations and put the product name and an 800 number boldly on all Eureka Fresh units. Also, where appropriate I would use signage at the location to point out the clean fresh smell of Eureka Fresh. In addition, I would leave fragrance swatches of the Eureka Fresh air freshener scent in hotel rooms, office lunchrooms, and other facilities where the product is used.

    Senior Citizen homes also would be a great market. Right now the top homes in our area bake chocolate chip cookies just to mask the odor of the residents. By adding an air freshener to vacuuming it would be more pleasant and efficient than continually needing to bake cookies no one is eating. I would again make sure the use of the product was visible, and send out informational news to residents and their families about the new eco-friendly product- the Eureka Fresh air freshening vacuum - that is making the residence a nicer, safer place to live.

    Another outlet to consider would be new housing developments. You could sell contractors a unit, and have the models vacuumed with Eureka Fresh. Posting an informational sign about the product, and then targeting new homeowners with scent samples to keep their new home smelling fresh would be an interesting way to generate sales. Tying the product into smoke shops is another avenue to consider. You could put dollar off coupons on cartons of cigarettes and packages of cigars to help smokers eliminate odors.

    According to this link: http://www.mediabizbloggers.com/media-biz-bloggers/111788944.html viewers that enjoy World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE II) are prime buyers for air fresheners. I would canvas gyms and sports clubs and offer the product for commercial use, and also offer to demonstrate the product to gym and club members. At this time I would hand out fragrance samples as well. Bowling allies also come to mind as a place that could use freshening. Furthermore I would offer the product through demonstrations at home expo's, home ...

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    This extremely detailed solution identifies the place and promotional strategy that should be used in development of the strategic marketing plan, and identifies public relation opportunities for the product. It is full of clever ideas, links, and examples.