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Green Marketing: How has it affected car buying in the U.S.?

Find an appropriate article on the Internet which relates to this week's topic. The article can be from any bonefide online business/marketing source. It does not have to be from an academic journal.

Read the article and then write a one-page summary of the article to include:
1) Name of the Article
2) Name of the source and include the Website's address (URL)
3) Author and Date of the article (must be less than one year old)
4) Approximately 50% of the discussion should be article summary
5) Approximately 50% should discuss how it applies to this class

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Major Automakers zipping electric cars into showrooms soon.
Washington Post.
Jerry Hirsch and Tiffany Hsu, November 27, 2010

The article attempts to describe and update readers on the upcoming introductions of electric cars. Every major car brand is introducing electric and hybrid vehicles in the near future. Like the beginning of auto ...

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