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Green movement affecting business

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Assess how companies can be responsible social marketers. As a result of current environmental issues such as global warming, the general public has become more concerned about environmental issues. How does this affect marketing, and how does this affect consumers? Discuss your own buying habits in relation to socially responsible marketing and firms of endearment.

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How will the Green Movement affect businesses in the future?

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The "Green" movement has affected all aspects of business. We see more recycling advertisements on the media, we see more cities providing bags and cartons for recycled materials and more centers are being set up with friendly access made prominent. With such attention to environmental responsibility, the company which catches not only the consumer's eye, but their personal environmental conscience, will be the winner.

Many companies have made this attempt with packaging, or rather lack there-of. Less packaging means less post consumer waste and many purchasers are looking to lessen their personal impact on the environment. A small plastic bag, ...

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