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Marketing Factors on Dodge Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Vehicles


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Prepare a 500-600 word essay. The product is 'Dodge Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Vehicles.' Describe the organizational buyers and consumers of your product or service and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Discuss how these factors will impact your marketing strategy.

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In an attempt to provide a better environment for all of us, the auto industry has been seeking fuel alternatives that will not only provide zero emission, but also reduce the reliance on countries that are the main sources of the fuel that we currently use (i.e. the Middle East.). Therefore, among others, Liquid Nitrogen has been identified as a great alternative to hydrogen cars. Consequently, the demand for cars that utilize liquid nitrogen in on the rise and automobile companies will have to deliver based on customer demands worldwide; for this reason, the sale of Dodge Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Vehicles will be a great opportunity for the company both on the domestic and global markets.
Dodge has identified that as the need for Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Vehicles is increasing, so is the demand for the product worldwide by individual consumers as well as businesses (i.e. car dealerships), due to the cost effectiveness of the vehicle, its fuel efficiency, and its environment friendliness (as individuals are becoming increasingly concerned over environmental air pollution). Therefore, ...

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This solution discusses the impact of various marketing factors on Dodge Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Vehicles.