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The Viability of Selling Electric Vehicles Profitably

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Would you like to own an all-electric car? Do you think there is a viable market for such a product? Provide secondary data to research the viability of selling electric cars profitably. Try to determine the population of electric-car buyers.

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We must ask whether there consistency or direct correlation between the cost of care and its quality in managed care program. I would like to own an electric car but only if these cars were improved, cheaper, and could be reliable for my personal lifestyle. Currently, the best electric car available is Telsa's electric car that can get 300 miles on a full charge and only takes 30 minutes to charge for 160 miles on its supercharged battery charger. Unfortunately, this car costs $100,000, which is as much as a Porsche, high-end Mercedes Benz, or other luxury cars that 90% of the population could never afford. Most electric cars have serious issues that date back to their inception over 100 years ago. A little known fact for most people is the fact that the first cars were electric cars, but once gas fuelled cars were developed, the electric cars became obsolete for the same reasons they are today. These cars have been plagued by a lack of charge stations, limited travelling distance, and high costs throughout their ...

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This response looks at the viability of owning an all-electric car and whether there is a viable market for this product.