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    Should Automakers Delete Gasoline Models for Hybrid Models?

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    I do not agree with this concept. The SUV model has been a "godsend" for working Mothers. The additional "covered" space fills quickly when transporting children to and from sporting events with friends and equipment included or going to the grocery store.
    A large population of Electric Cars is expected to cause "brownouts" across the United States. The green cars are too expensive in this economy and the fear of losing employment. Electric rates prohibit plugging these vehicles into residential outlets or will cause the utility bill to reach outrageous heights.

    You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at a large automotive company. You know that being well prepared for an interview gives you a better chance of being offered the job, so you decide to study the company as well as some of the company's future marketing ideas.
    One of the company's ideas is to phase out its large, profitable SUV line of automobiles to focus on smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.
    In your discussion, describe the pros and cons of this marketing idea proposed by the company from the both a financial and non-financial perspective.

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    I am in agreement with you that the invention of the SUV is one of the most phenomenal creations in the automotive industry. While they substantially contribute to our pollution problems, automakers should focus on creating hybrid models of the SUV instead of phasing them out.

    Focusing on creating more environmentally friendly models will attract more customers. Many families have 2-4 children who are actively involved in sports and travel extensively. Therefore, a larger vehicle is much more suitable for modern families.

    One of the pro's to this marketing idea includes appealing to the population that is committed to going green. These individuals ...

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