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Strategic Alternatives for Various External Workforce Factors

Prepare a list of strategic alternatives and recommendations for Honda Motor Company by reflecting on elements such as the following:

Environmental changes The aging population
Emerging Markets Research and Development
Emerging Technology Going "Green"
Rising Oil Costs Governmental Restrictions

(Strategic alternatives is a listing of very broadly-cast ideas for ways a case study firm can manage risk or create opportunities for additional growth and development.)

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Honda Motor Company is one of the most famous multinationals whose success is probably due to its focus on leadership in the technology of internal combustion engines. The firm followed a very high scale of production and benefited from the economies of scale and learning curves in order to grow and increase the competitive strength. In order to improve and continue to its low cost strategy Honda may establish manufacturing plants in China to benefit from an emerging market and relatively very cheap labor. Honda can make long-term investments and support penetration into this market. Another good strategy for Honda is to use its technological background in the robotics. Honda Motor Company can benefit a lot ...

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