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Honda Motor Company

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Please provide an executive summary of at least 600 words for Honda Motor Company.

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Headquarted in Japan, Honda Motor Company is one of the major producers of quality motor vehicles around the world. Honda's quality, innovation and reliability has made it one of the most sought after car brands in the world. It's major car models such as Accord have occupied the leadership position in global sales for years now. Honda cars are also renowned for their fuel efficiency and have a loyal customer following all around the world.

Honda's leadership position is sustained due to its enormous focus on R&D, quality and innovation. Along with Toyota, its major competitor, Honda has ruled the US markets with its successful models and captured market share of American manufacturers such as GM and Ford.

The Company has grown to become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the leading automakers. With a global network of 454* subsidiaries and ...

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Please provide an executive summary of at least 600 words for Honda Motor Company.

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