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Reevaluation of channel arrangements

Stand alone FAX machines are now entering the later stages of their life cycle. As a result, the number of channels used by your firm, and the number channel intermediaries needs to be re-evaluated. List five other considerations that would require a re-evaluation of channel arrangements?

Amazon Marketing Internationallly to Mexico: the Mexican negotiators are extremely shrewd and cannot always be considered to be truthful in terms of their marketing strategies.

I am a marketer for and we are expanding to Mexico. Briefly outline and describe the issues your company must consider regarding each of the following areas: economic, social-cultural, technological, and political-legal. As in many South American societies, family and political ties are extremely important in Mexi

Direct Marketing Effects Today

Is direct marketing effective in the today's marketplace? Why or why not? What about interactive marketing? Which form of marketing would you pursue for the launch of a modified or new high-technology product or service? Why? The Internet has revolutionized the way people do business. Some of the more important breakthrough

Creating and marketing a television commercial

You are in charge of creating a television advertisement for a corporate product/service of your choice. Describe what that commercial would look like vis a vis the following: What techniques would you use to create a desirable value proposition in the customers' eyes? What foundation could you lay for future customer re

Provide an example of an unethical marketing activity: Toys R Us

Explain what is unethical about marketing activities. What were the legal actions taken against this practice? What was the outcome of the legal action? What was the impact on the brand's reputation? Did the legal action lead to further regulation or legislation that had an impact on other marketers?

International Marketing: Distribution

Distribution: You have been assigned the task of selecting distributors in Malaysia to handle your firm's line of car batteries. What criteria will you use to select among the twelve possible distributors? As you list your criteria, explain why.

What happens when you tie your product to a celebrity that behaves poorly?

What happens when you tie your product to a celebrity that behaves poorly? Take for example Tiger Woods, many of the companies he endorsed severed ties with him after his affairs were brought to light. However, some of the companies have stuck with him. If you had a product, would you want Tiger endorsing it? Why or

The Emotional Advertising of McDonald's

The Marketing Scene is a publication that provides a platform for professionals and consumers to discuss new ways of marketing, the effectiveness of advertising trends, specific ad campaigns, and the impact this information has on society. Title: Emotional Advertising Topic Category: Select One Controversy in Ads Lifest

Focus group

Have any of you participated in a focus group? What was it like? What are some of the limitations of data gathered from a focus groups? What are some of the advantages of using a focus group? Please explain your answer.

International Marketing Plan Objectives for Team Athletic

Please help with only one part of the following assignment - the objectives. The assignment is below. a. Select a country other than one in North America. Then, select a company, and a product or service. When selecting a country, it is important to be mindful of the following factors: access to information about the c

Comprehensive marketing plan for a healthcare service.

Marketing Plan Focus Comprehensive marketing plan for a healthcare service or product. At a minimum, the marketing plan shall include the following: 1. Management Summary 2. Economic Projections 3. The Market - Qualitative 4. The Market - Quantitative 5. Trend Analysis 6. Competition 7. Problems and Opportu

Marketing: Personal story about marketing

See the attached files. Marketing publication, "The Marketing Scene," which provides a platform for professionals and consumers to discuss new ways of marketing, the effectiveness of advertising trends, specific ad campaigns and the impact this information has on our society. Some of the stories on the site encompass th

Customer Response and Value

Please see attached for questions. Question 1: Marketing Communications and Customer Response (Use Figure Below) a. Using the data provided, how do the results of this marketing communication change when advertising exposure is only 50 percent? b. Using the results provided, evaluate the impact of improving ad awaren

Migala's Five C's: Developing a Web Presence

Discuss the importance of Migala's five Cs when developing a Web presence for a sport organization. Are there other items that might be added to these five? How can you present Migala's five Cs to sponsors?

Marketing & relationship-building activities - hotel management

Visit the Web site for a large hotel chain such as Marriott, Best Western, or Hilton. What evidence do you see that this organization is using marketing to appeal to customers needs, wants, and demands? What other relationship-building marketing activities would you suggest to this hotel's management?

Marketing Terminology

Ever been confused by the many marketing terms? Specifically, for each of you, what is the largest misconception about marketing that this scenario clarifies? If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying 'Circus Coming to the Fairground Saturday,' that's advertising. If the person riding the elephant throws

What are the three most effective advertisements on television today?

1. What are the three most effective advertisements on television today? 2. What makes them effective? 3. What are the three least effective advertisements on television? 4. What makes them ineffective? 5. If you can recall them, are they really ineffective? (Cite references when possible) Thanks for getting me start

Principles of Marketing - Profits

In a series of interviews, you ask three recruiters to describe the missions of their companies. One says, "To make profits." The second recruiter says, "To create customers." The third says, "To fight world hunger." Analyze and discuss what these mission statements tell you about each of the companies. Rewrite these mis

Overhead and Marketing Variances

P 13-21: Megan Corp. The following data are available for the Megan Corp. finishing department for the current year. The department makes a single product that requires three hours of labor per unit of finished product. Budgeted volume for the year was 30,000 direct labor hours. Overhead efficiency variance $4,000 U Bud

Overhead and Marketing Variances..

P 13-13: Wine Distributors Wine Distributors is a wholesaler of wine, buying from wineries and selling to wine stores. Three different white wines are sold: Chablis, Chardonnay, and Riesling. Here are budgeted and actual sales data for the month of April. WINE DISTRIBUTORS Budgeted and Actual Sales Data April