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    Dove's campaign for real beauty has a great big idea

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    Dove's campaign for real beauty has a great big idea embedded in its commercial, 'Onslaught'. Visit the website below to view the commercial, by clicking on 'Features; Videos; Onslaught.' Share what you see as Dove's 'Big Idea:' identify the commercial's 'boom factor' and discuss what you believe the creative strategy might have been.


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    I went to the website and viewed the commercial several times. It looks like the following is what you need:

    1) Share what you see as Dove's Big Idea.
    It looks like Dove's Big Idea is building self-esteem in women and girls of all ages.

    2) Identify the commercial's boom factor.
    The boom factor of this commercial is that women and even little girls should ...

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    Dove's campaign for real beauty. It discuss briefly the big idea, the boom factor, and the strategy.