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Hartshorne, Plato, Metaphysics

1. Write a biography of Charles Hartshorne, his life and contribution to philosophy in the 20th century. (any source)

2. Tell about Plato and Aristotle and thier views of metaphysics.

I have the Textbook The big Question by Robert Solomon.

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I presume you can find the easily available on-line sources on the life and work of Hartshorne, as he is a well known thinker. If you would like my opinion, I think the Stanford Encyclopedia article is truly excellent, http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/hartshorne/ but there are many others as well. (the last section of the Stanford article, concerning a critique of Hartshorne, is rough going, and will not give you useful information for the one-page paper-but the first four sections will).

So I see my task here to try to help you decide what about Hartshorne you should include.
You should probably mention the events of his life (which, despite its length, was pretty non-eventful).

You should probably, as it is interesting, mention in another paragraph, something about the influences on his thinking, in particular ancient and medieval philosophy and Charles Pierce. This is important because Hartshorne is probably best known among Philosophers (and, as it turns out, even better known among ...

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Provides advise in the task of writing the life story of Charles Hartshorne as well as information on the views of Plato and Aristotle on the concept of metaphysics.