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    The Problem With Dualism

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    The central question in the Mind-Body Problem is whether the Mind and Body exist separately (Dualism) or if they are of the same material substance (Materialistic Monism) or non-material (Idealistic Monism). The crucial question in Dualism is how does the non-material Mind interact with the Material Body. What is your solution to the Mind-Body Problem? If your solution is dualistic, what is your solution to the problem of Mind-Body interaction?

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    The philosophy of dualism is based on an assumption, the assumption that the mind and body are distinct entities.
    The problem is based on the assumption that mental experiences and the physical body are separate entities; that they differ from one another in both substance and quality. Some theories attempt to solve this problem. Dualism is a theory positing that the mind and body are two different substances. Another theory is monism that insists the mind and the body are one in the same. Monism has additional branches including material and neutral monists. Material monists or ...

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    A major issue with the theory of dualism is presented in brief, with citations and explanation. 391 words.