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Millard Erickson

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What are the three common solutions to the problem of evil? Evaluate Erickson's response to these solutions.

This will come from the book "Christian Theology" by Millard Erickson

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This solution examines the concept of evil from the perspective of Millard Erickson

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Evil is defined by Reynolds (2011) in a tripartite concept as: (a) evil of [contrariety]--by destructive efficiency (e.g., water over fire) which one has upon the other, (b) an evil of privation, which is a defect and absence of good, and (c) evil of contradiction-in the "not being" [drawing from Aristotelian philosophy] for any creature, because being and immortality are principles of love. Therefore "not being" is the evil that is abhorred by nature (p. 112).

Theological/philosophical explanations such as this led to several controversies and debates on the concept of evil. One argument stemmed from the concept of Dualism, in which there was held the belief in two supreme powers, one evil and the other good. Dualists had argued that the two supreme opposing powers were in perpetual conflict with one another. According to Cairns (198) the formation of dualism was due to, or at least aided by, the increasing worldliness and moral laxity of the Church. Thus, ...

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