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Mind-Body Relationship

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Compare the views of Aristotle and Descartes on the relationship between body and mind/soul.

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Descartes is the often credited as the "founder" of a specific school of thought -- so much so that what is now termed "Cartesian Dualism" was simply known as dualism. Dualism is the understanding that claims the mind and the body are two completely different and separable substances. Descartes came to ...

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The relationship of the mind to the body, and subsequent nuances found in Descartes and Aristotle, are touched upon in brief.

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Discuss the "Mind/Body" problem in philosophy

Discuss the "Mind/Body" problem in philosophy including:

1. What is the realm of mind and consciousness?
2. How does the realm of mind and consciousness relate to the physical body?
3. Is there such a thing as an independent mind that transcends physical functions of the body through the central nervous system? Why or why not?

I need further understanding on this topic I would like you to explain it to me in lay-mens terms please.

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