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A classification of the kinds of dualism

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Is there any interdependence between the clasification of the kinds of dualism according to the mind-body causal relationship and that according to the ontic category membership of mental phenomena?

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A classification of the kinds of dualism is included with references to validate.

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When is dualism the case to begin with?

A theory of the mind is dualistic if it postulates that the mind is a just as fundamental entity of the world as the physical kind of things. Fundamental means, usually, that it can exist separately, on its own. Fundamental may also be understood as explanatorily sui generis, that is, something whose existence cannot be explained by appeal to the existence of something else.

The classification according to the ontic category mebership of the mind.

1. Substance dualism (René Descartes, G.W. Leibniz, Malebranche, Richard Swinburne): mental phenomena form a separate substance, that is, the mind can be viewed as a thing. Material things are res extensa (extended ...

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