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    Dualism is a term that refers to any group of thinking where ideas can be separated into two fundamentally different types. For example, this can apply to concepts such as Good and Evil, Existing and non-existing, physical and non-physical. Dualism would be the position that believes in the separate and independent existence of these ideas. On the other hand, monism would believe that no distinction occurs. Often times dualism refers to dualism in philosophy of the mind. In this case, it refers to the dualism between mind and matter (or body). Dualism would assert that these two are separate entities that are not the same. On the other hand, monism would say that there is no difference between mind and matter.

    Dualism can be separated into two types typically: substance dualism, and property dualism. The mind-body problem is an excellent example of substance dualism (there are two types of substances, physical and non-physical). Similarly, property dualism purports that there are two types of properties: mental and physical. Physical properties are properties like colour, shape, and size. Mental properties are properties like beliefs, emotions, and passions.

    Rene Descartes was a famous dualist who drew a distinction between physical and mental substances - between matter and mind - while many monism hold them as the two forms of the same thing.

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    Berkley and the existence of matter

    Summarize and explain Berkley's arguments against the exsistence of matter or corporeal substance. Summarize and explain Berkley's account of the existence of spirit or spiritual substance. Given Berlley's account of ideas and spiritual sunstance, what kind of knowlwdge can we have both of ourselves and of other minds. Discuss

    Cartesian Dualism

    According to Cartesian dualism, we don't think with our brains; we think with our minds. So for the Cartesian dualist, the brain must be nothing more than a sophisticated relay station, receiving messages from the mind and sending messages to it. On this view, those suffering from severe brain damage or from diseases such as Alz

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    What is meant by the terms "ultimate power," "finitude," "good," and "evil." Next, choose a lesser god or deity who best represents the definition for each term, explaining in detail why you selected that particular god. Make sure that the gods you choose come from at least three differing backgrounds. QUESTION: I think

    Plato's Dualism is depicted.

    Describe the nature of Plato's "dualism." Why is it a "reality" that we need to consider in terms of philosophical discovery, logical debate, and growth as human beings?

    How does Zarathustra desribe the relationship between the body and the soul?

    Neitsczhe, Thus Spoke ZaraThustra How does Zarathustra desribe the relationship between the body and the soul? In the first part of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in the chapter titled "On the Despisers of the Body", Zarathustra says that the "soul is only a word for something about the body". So the human being for him is entir