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Dualism and Monism notes

Define briefly Dualism and Monism. Which philosophical approach best represents your day to day thought about human behavior? How would you go about the scientific study of behavior from each perspective (Dualism and Monism)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each perspective?

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As you briefly define both Dualism and Monism and decide which philosophical approach best represents your day to day thoughts about human behavior, I seem Dualism as the most applicable today.

You might define Dualism as almost synonymous with Pluralism. Because of its word "dual" embedded, it refers to the theory that more than one kind of existence or existential substance is possible. Research shows that Dualism is "most frequently entangled with conceptions of mind, i.e. mind-matter or mind-body dualism. To the dualist, mind is not the same thing as matter and cannot be reduced to matter" (http://cantseetheforest.org/2007/09/25/dualism-and-monism-mostly-monism/index.html). Dualism, too is the belief "that the ...

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Dualism and Monism are briefly described.