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Theories of Dualism and Monism

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For many centuries, philosophers have attempted to answer questions regarding the roles of the mind and body and their interactions with each other. Provide an analysis of the debate between the theories of dualism and monism. Choose which theory you believe to be most credible. Support your belief with the required text and at least one journal article that you locate in the online journal databases and specific examples.

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This solution provides an analysis of the debate between the theories of dualism and monism. It discusses which of the two theories are more credible and provides support for the choice. The explanation is given in 250 words with one reference.

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According to Carlson (2010), philosophers since ancient times have been puzzled by the mind-body question, but "physiological psychologists take an empirical, practical, and monistic approach to the study of human nature" (p. 3). The monistic approach, in contrast to the dualistic approach, believes that the mind is just another part of the nervous system (it is not the soul), and ...

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