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Customer Relationship Marketing & American Airlines

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Read this article, posted online, about an American Airlines employee who was fired. The author of this article suggests the employee was just being "engaging."

Robles, Patricio. American Airlines Fires an Employee for...Customer Engagement.

http://econsultancy.com/blog/4936-american-airlines-fires-an-employee-f or-customer-engagement

Based on what you know about CRM, what are your views on this article.

(1) Was the employee truly engaged or was he overstepping?

(2) Based on readings of fairness, do you think the employee was fair to the customer? And was the company fair to the employee?

==> Demonstrate understanding of 21st century developments on CRM

==>Take a strong position (not wishy-washy)

==>Avoid repeating definitions

==>Evidence of use of required references and background materials (necessary for a grade of "B" or higher)

==>Few quotes and absolutely no copying or close paraphrasing from any source without appropriate citation

==>No definitions and no summaries from the text

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Customer Relationship Marketing has evolved in the 21st Century to adjust and include the presence of social media. In the past companies could control messages to customers through mass marketing efforts, advertising campaigns, and letters from the customer service department, vetted through a customer service manager. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, email, and blogs has changed customer relationships. There are more forums and less control over the message. Brand loyalty, however, continues to be the end goal and even greater vigilance must be taken against brand terrorists who are defined as "customers so unhappy that they speak out against a poorly delivered service at every opportunity" . http://www.zunch.com/zunch/files/Zunch_CRM.pdf). With Customer Relationship Marketing the sale is not the goal, enduring profitable growth through loyal customers is the goal. In this manner it is key to monitor and react when unhappy customers speak out against the company.

In the ...

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This detailed solutions looks at a case in which an American Airlines employee was fired for responding to a public blog. It discusses if this was right or wrong on the part of the employee and the company. It uses examples and supplies links and takes a strong point on the issue.

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