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Distribution channels and long-term marketing relations

For: Southwest Airline

(1) What is the appropriate distribution channel for this industry? Why?
(2) How can a long-term relationship be established with key stakeholders that include:
(a) Customers,
(b) Distributors, and
(c) Suppliers?
(3) What potential problems might you encounter in your relationships?

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Distribution channels play a very important role in an organization. They facilitate the transfer of the products/services to the end users. The more effective the channels are, the better the chance that products reach the consumers or end users. This would result to higher revenues and eventually higher profits, assuming well - managed expenditures.

In the case of an airline, particularly Southwest Airline, the end users may be composed of business executives, tourists, immigrants, exchange students, entertainers, investors, domestic helpers, and other forms of employees. The marketing approach requires that the needs of these target end-users be determined first before a decision on the appropriate channel of distribution be made.

The target end users as mentioned earlier have the following characteristics:
1. busy people
2. time conscious/ value their time so much
3. varied as to specific form of airline service they need and want
4. varied as ...

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A discussion of the role of distribution channels in the airlines industry and its target end users. Strategies in establishing and maintaining long-term relationship were designed, in consideration to critical problems that may be encountered.