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Imagine you are working on a Marketing Plan for an Etiquette Consulting Business for the 21st, with a primary target audience of urban youth in the age range of 12-18. The service will include a full range of services that includes workshops, e-books, guest speakers, and interactive activities. You will do a self assessment to measure their current social skill level. You will bring in guest speakers and schedule field trips to allow participants to practice using their new skills in a real world setting. You intend to customize and work one-on-one with troubled youth and those that may need special attention.

You will also target a secondary market of college educated youth between the ages of 18-25. This group will learn proper business etiquette and how to present a positive professional image. Additionally, you will target customized services to woman's organizations, colleges, and corporations.

Find the right pricing strategy for this type of service and include a sliding fee scale. Give advice on the type of distribution channel that would work for this service as it is not a tangible product. Finally, what types of things should be included in my budget (estimated costs)?

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The response addresses the queries posted in 725 words with references.

// Etiquette consulting businesses are gaining importance in the 21st century. They help in teaching people the etiquette skills necessary to succeed in business and in life. This paper will deal with the identification of an appropriate marketing plan for such kind of businesses that include Pricing, Distribution Channels, & Promotional Budget//

The marketing plan needs to be the one that covers all the business aspects of the firm. Such a plan is to be made that considers all the services offered by the business like workshops, e-books, guest speakers, and interactive activities that target the urban youth as primary audience from age group 12-18 and the college educated youth as its secondary audience from age group 18-25. The business also considers providing the customized services to women's organizations, colleges and corporations.

The pricing strategy of the business firm should include the relationship of the pricing determinants and the overall marketing strategy. The planning is to be made after focusing on factors like the probable product and service cost that includes production and selling, probable margins, discount policies, distributor and franchise margins, developmental ...

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