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Highlights of a Service Marketing Case

I am hung up on writing a summary for a service marketing case. Need help analyzing it.

Discuss the highlights of the article as it relates to service marketing industry.

Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work
by James L. Heskett, Thomas O. Jones, Gary W. Loveman,
W. Earl Sasser, Jr., and Leonard A. Schlesinger

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Highlights from the 19 page article were summarized as required, and written as a complete synopsis (below).


Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work

The bottom line is, "Successful service managers pay attention to factors that drive profitability in the new service paradigm: investment in people, technology that supports frontline workers, revamped recruiting and training practices, and compensation, linked to every level."

Investment in People

This article is all about putting people first, rather than a product or service. Companies referenced in the text include Bane One, Intuit Corporation, Southwest Airlines, USAA, ServiceMaster, Taco Bell, and MCI. From firsthand experience after traveling with the airline, it is evident that Southwest has practiced the people-first philosophy since its early beginnings. In fact, their employees seem very happy and are generally smiling. Their work enjoyment radiates joy to everyone they encounter, which includes passengers. On the flip side, if an employee or customer is unhappy, their negative feelings are evident and noticeable via interactions.

The article says, "When service companies put employees and customers first, a radical shift occurs in the way they manage and measure success."

Technology that Supports Frontline Workers

Employees require systems that help them do a good job. The better the technology, the easier it is for employees to do their job, and operations run much smoother. An example of good technology that supports frontline workers may be found with servers at restaurants like, Seasons 52. The wait staff may have handheld boxes, which is used to easily place customer orders instantly at the table. This way, beverage ...

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This solution discusses the highlights of the article, Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work, as it relates to the service marketing industry.