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Concepts in Marketing Strategies

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You are bombarded by ads and marketing campaigns by the thousands each day. Identify one you think is successful at getting across its message. Analyze it for the elements of a well-executed marketing plan and describe what you learned. Your response does not need to be a dissertation; however, it must highlight the features and benefits that appeal to potential customers, as well as how this strategy relates to good marketing by differentiating itself from competitors.

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An advertisement I believe is effective is the Liberty Medical television ad with Wilford Brimley as the spokesperson. The company advertises Diabetic testing supplies delivered to consumer directly through the mail. The ad is effective for several reasons. First, it targets the aging baby boomer population, many of whom have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and will need to use testing supplies. With an increasing aging population needing Diabetes testing supplies, the company is targeting a large ...

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