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Defining Public Relations Paper

Hello. I need assistance with the following assignment: -Write a 700-1,050 word paper in which you define PR. Include in your paper: *Explain your personal definition of PR and definitions from three different sources such as the Public Relations Society of America, text books, and so forth. *Compare and contrast these

Marketing Environment Forces

Identify three (3) marketing environment forces that will impact Chocolate Bar product. Describe each force and analyze why & how it will impact the product/service. Explore strategies to overcome the threats and/or capitalize on opportunities.

Understanding the effectiveness of promotions

Cooperative Advertising 1 Need a description of Cooperative Advertising. 2 Identify the pros and cons, and any restrictions surrounding its use. 3 What companies or situations would this promotion work best? 4 Find and describe a good example of that promotion.

Marketing Strategies Proposal

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that prides itself on customer service. As a growing enterprise in a competitive market, Kudler Fine Foods wants to create a marketing campaign to improve and maintain long-term customer loyalty. Prepare a 400 word proposal in which you recommend marketing strategies and tactics based

International marketing for the USA

You are the marketing manager for a U.S. based company that specializes in skin care creams (much like Olay). The company is introducting a new line of anti-aging creams (the target market is middle-aged women) in Japan and England. You are to develop an IMC to communicate with the target market in Japan and England. Use at lea

Retailing Assignment

1. Describe the wheel of retailing theory of retail competition. What is the theory?s major strength and weakness? Does this theory do a good job of explaining what has happened to retailers in your hometown? 2.You have recently been hired as the assistant manager for a large regional mall in Sacramento, California. One

Developing a Comprehensive Argument: Marketing

The purpose of the project is to come up with a product/service that will be marketed.It can be a made-up product/service or a variation of an existing product/service. The project is a relatively short project, which consists of identifying various elements of product/service. One paragraph for each element listed below. -

Comparing and Contrasting Definitions of Public Relations

- Explain your personal definition of PR and definitions from three different sources, such as the Public Relations Society of America, text books, and so forth. - Compare and contrast these definitions in your paper. - Explain why you think there are so many different definitions of PR. APA standards.

Define PR

Why is it difficult to define PR? What impact does a lack of objectivity have on PR research results? Explain your answer. What impact does biased or skewed research results have on PR? Explain your answer. Please site ref.

International Marketing Plan Brief

1) Choose a product and company that exists in the US, but has not been developped internationally, or does not exist in the country of your choice. ii) Summarize your company's vision and intended marketing strategy, including a description of the products/services/target market, and the general type of strategy that you exp

Marketing Research Conducted

I need help with the questions below. 1. If you were to conduct market research for you company, how could you identify data as invalid? If questioned by your manager about the market research results, how would you explain central tendency or the difference between mean, median, and mode? How are each of these important to

Measurement Scales Paper

Select (4) types of measurement scales from the following list: nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, uni-dimensional, and multi-dimensional. -Prepare a paper in which describe each one of your selected measurement scales and how you would use them in a questionnaire. Be sure to properly cite your references. If you used an ele

Define marketing

Define marketing. Include your personal definition of marketing and definitions from two different sources. Based on these definitions explain the importance of marketing in organizational success. Provide at least three examples from the business world to support your explanation. Be sure to properly cite your sources.

Market Research Implementation Plan: Research Tools Paper

Hello, I need assistance with the following assignment. Prepare a paper in which you examine the applicability of different marketing research tools to the scenario you selected for your Market Research Implementation Plan: Problem Identification and Project Outline. Address the following in your paper: a. Select four diff

Marketing defined

What is the definition of marketing? What are the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating marketing into the sales function of an organization? Do you think that marketing should be included as part of the sales organization within a company? Explain why or why not?

Newspaper Advertising

Which of the following statements concerning the features of newspaper advertising is false? A. Creative flexibility B. Reasonable cost C. High production quality D. Short life span E. Advertising clutter

Marketing Ground Rules and the Use of Banners for Internet Ads

I need help with the following (2) questions: 1. The first point is ground rules; they are a critical component to focus groups and when establishing the ground rules, it is important to remember that all members must participate as much as possible. However this can lead to problems with time management and can obstruct your

Measurement Scales Paper

Measurement Scales Paper Resources: University Library, Internet Select four types of measurement scales from the following list: - Nominal - Ordinal - Interval - Ratio - Unidimensional - Multidimensional I need help with a paper in which I have to describe each one of the selected measurement scales and how I might u

Global Marketing Research Case Study Analysis

Hi! I need help with the following: The Importance of Market Research Paper Select an organization with which you are familiar. Prepare a 700 to 1050 word paper in which you describe the importance of marketing research to your selected organization's management team. In your paper address the following: a. Define market

Marketing Decisions Affected by Environmental Factors

Please provide some assistance in evaluating the attached article concerning environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. Looking for an explanation, the key areas being: a. Evaluate how the article's forecasts of high-level global and domestic environmental factors will affect the organization's

Market Research Implementation Plan: Verizon Inc.

I need help with a 150 word introduction for a Market Research Implementation Plan based on Verizon, Inc. will lower their FiOS Internet service. Address the following in the plan: Conduct market research concerning the selected scenario using secondary market research resources. - Locate an online resource. Identify the s

Peter Doyle's Theory

Explain Peter Doyle's theory that marketing will not mature as a profession until it can demonstrate the impact of marketing on shareholder value. Be sure to define shareholder value.

Macroenvironmental Uncontrollables

The macroenvironment contains what marketers refer to as "global uncontrollable variables." You know them by a number of names -- the economic environment, competitive environment, natural environment, political and legal environment, etc. Question: Of these and other "uncontrollables," which one(s) should the marketer be mo


As the Marketing Manager for Cleanwipe Windshield Wipers, a manufacturer of replacement windshield wipers for automobiles and trucks, you are tasked with working with your channel members to help them promote your product. The summer season is traditionally a "slow" season for windshield wiper replacement blades. What are som


You are the product manager for a new disposable infant diaper ("Baby High Dry") that absorbs better than any other diaper on the market. Normally, an infant's diaper must be changed eight (8) times in a 24-hour period. Your new diapers must be changed only four (4) times in a 24-hour period (We're making some assumptions here,


You are the marketing manager for Fujiwama Corporation, an electronics company (fictitious) that specializes in cellular telephones. Your company's share of the cell phone market is 3.1% and you are listed as the #9 cell phone manufacturer in terms of overall percentage of the market. The market is dominated by Nokia (22%), Eric


The United States has been a "services" economy since the late 1980's, at which time our GNP was focused more on providing services than the manufacture of physical products. Marketers recognize that the marketing of services is different than the marketing of a product because of the different characteristics that distinguish


Your colleague has been tasked to do market research for your company. Management is complaining that sales have not been where the company would like them to be (the sales are about 8% behind the projected goal). Senior management wants your colleague to find out why. At a team meeting, your colleague shares that he has defi


What are the advantages of qualitative measurements when doing marketing research? What are the disadvantages?