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describe each one of the selected measurement scales

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Measurement Scales Paper
Resources: University Library, Internet
Select four types of measurement scales from the following list:
- Nominal
- Ordinal
- Interval
- Ratio
- Unidimensional
- Multidimensional

I need help with a paper in which I have to describe each one of the selected measurement scales and how I might use them in a questionnaire.
? APA standards.

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This solution describes and discusses measurement scales.

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Different Measurement Scales


Measurement is relatively a challenging task, when it pertains to qualitative or abstract phenomena. Measurement signifies the procedure of attributing numbers to objects or observations as measuring things like social conformity, intelligence, motivation to succeed and ability to manage stress is much more difficult than measuring physical weight, height, biological age and assets (Marczyk, DeMatteo & Festinger, 2005). It is an activity of mapping facets of a domain onto other facets of a range concerning to some rule of correspondence. In this process of measuring, some form of the scale in the range is devised and then transform the properties of object from the domain onto this scale.

Measurement scale is a technique to measure something. Scaling is used in ordering a series of items along sort of continuum. It is a method of turning a series of qualitative facts into a quantitative series. The most commonly used categorization of measurement scales are nominal scale, ordinal scale, interval scale and ratio scale (Goddard & Melville, 2004). All types of measurement scales can be used effectively in a questionnaire to measure attributes.

Nominal Scale

Nominal scale is just a system of assigning number symbols to events in order to mark them like assignment of numbers to players in order to classify them. This scale is employed for data which is mutually restricted and collectively exhaustive but ...

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