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    Measurement Scales Paper

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    Select (4) types of measurement scales from the following list: nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, uni-dimensional, and multi-dimensional.

    -Prepare a paper in which describe each one of your selected measurement scales and how you would use them in a questionnaire. Be sure to properly cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source please attach a copy of the data to your paper.

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    Running Head: Levels of Measurement

    Types of Measurement Scales

    Measurement could be defined as the assignment of numbers to particular objects or events in a systematic manner. In other words, measurement scale could be defined as the rules through which various outcomes are measured. Each level of measurement scale has different type of characteristics that is used to measure different outcomes (Salkind, 2009). The different types of measurement scales relate the data with a particular type of statistics that helps to analyze the data in an effective manner.
    Types of Measurement Scales
    Following are the major scales of measurement -
    Nominal Measurement Scale: It is the lowest level of measurement scale that is used to interpret data. The nominal measurement scale could be defined as the scale that places the data in particular categories without including any structure. In other sense, it could be explained as scales that not scale the data with any dimension but it label them in certain category. This level is used in the situation where outcomes fit only in one category (Howell, 2009). For example the different variables such as gender, affiliation of political party are the some ...

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