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    Measurement scale for each question in the survey developed

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    Write a 2-3 page paper discussing the measurement scale for each question in the survey developed in the Unit III assignment. (attached) Decide if you will use composite scale score or a summated scale score. Justify your decision. How will you measure reliability, validity, and sensitivity?
    Explain how you will deal with ethical dilemmas during the research process (confidentiality, anonymity, conflicts of interest, informed consent, debriefing, experiments on human subjects, and so forth).

    APA format .

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    The response addresses the query and is posted in 758 words with APA references

    //The responses provided by the respondents in terms of their views, opinions, feelings, and attitude for the research study should be measured, which requires the researcher to develop a range of scales. In this context, the measurement scale used by the researcher for measuring each question forming the part of research questionnaire has been discussed in detail.//

    The questionnaire has been developed as a tool to conduct the survey from the managerial cadre of Lamaze Toys. It is developed to know their views regarding the environment-friendly operations and includes ten questions. From these ten questions, first four questions are based on the personal information of the employees and the rest six questions are specifically related to the research objective. From six specific questions, four questions are close-ended questions while the remaining two are open-ended questions.

    Variables form the basic part of every research study. The measurement scales are used to categorize different types of variables forming the part of the research (Zikmund & Babin, 2012). The measurement scale used for the question based on the personal information is nominal scale, where the managers are classified into different categories on the basis of given characteristics ...

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    Measurement scales for each question in the survey developed are determined. The response addresses the query and is posted in 758 words with APA references.