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Marketers feel that the image of the particular channel

Some marketers feel that the image of the particular channel in which they sell their products does not matter?all that matters is that the right customers shop there and the product is displayed in the right way. Others maintain that channel images?such as a retail store?can be critical and must be consistent with the image of the product.

Take a position: Channel images do not really affect the brand images of the products they sell that much versus channel images must be consistent with the brand image.

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I think that a person's perception of the product is critical. Part of the shopping process is where and how you can purchase your product, which is tied into the distribution channel. Thus, where the product is purchased can be just as important as the product itself.

Perception or a consumer's image is the way that consumers view a phoneme. It is tied into their prior experiences, their attitudes, their preferences and their tastes. Perception differs amongst consumers since everyone sees products in a different way due to their upbringing, socio-economic status, education... In reality, no two people will perceive a product in the same way.

Perceptions are very subjective in nature. Let me elaborate with an example. We can have two purses on a table. One is a generic purse sold at walmart, and one is a designer hand made leather ...

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Marketers that feel the image of the particular channels are examined.