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Marketing concepts: Selective exposure, Selective perception

Marketers have observed that consumers meet their needs in different ways, often because they have different perceptions. Consumers apply selective processes to manage the marketing stimuli that flood them every day. Describe three selective processes and how they affect consumers. Which of these three most affect you? Illustrate why you picked the one did with some examples.

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The three selective processes are Selective exposure, Selective perception and Selective retention.

Selective exposure is the process is when certain phrases, words, colors, or images that receiver feels useful and grabs attention. (i.e. "Lose 30 pounds in 4 weeks!" might make you stop and turn around to hear the rest of the message.)

Selective perception is a mechanism of one's personal beliefs. If you adore a particular politician or actor or celebrity who seems to always be on television, their appearance may catch your attention. If you detest that persons policies, you may walk ...

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