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Analysis Perspectives: Attribution Theory, Selective Perception, Halo Effect, Contrast Effects

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Recall a perception you made at work today regarding a colleague or manager and the resulting decision. How could you analyze this perception from the lenses of attribution theory, selective perception, halo effect, contrast effects, projection, and stereotyping? Which of these decision-making shortcuts were you guilty of using today?

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Today, I recall perceiving my manager as overloading me with additional work when it was time for me to leave the office.

Attribution Theory:
I probably felt that my perception was closely related to the situation. I therefore interpreted this to the fact that since I had accomplished my daily tasks early, my boss felt that I was capable of accomplishing the additional work as well within a short time, a decision which lacked an appeal with me.

Selective perception:
Since I was inclined to perceive the additional work from my own point of view, ...

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