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Perception & Behavior in the Workplace

What is the role of perception in decision-making in a working environment?

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What is perception?

How do we organize the information about the environment around us that comes to our minds through our senses? When we see, feel, hear, taste and smell, and when all these sensations come together, how do we organize them in such a way that it makes sense? That it tells us what is going on around us in a manner that is structured and comprehensible? The answer is perception. From the Latin word 'perception' - it means awareness or understanding of the environment, and it happens because as human beings we are equipped to sense, organize and then interpret what we have organized into workable information. For instance, when light enters, we see what is around us as light which illuminates our surroundings. Because of this, we 'see' the world in all its colours, allowing us to recognize ourselves in the mirror, our family, friends and the people around us, the buildings, plants, animals and the objects that are necessary and unnecessary to us, but all make up our 'visual' impression of our world. All the information either 'low level' (minor information) or complex are part of the 'bottom-up' and the 'top-down' process of either building up or breaking down information for the purpose of understanding. Additionally, over time, because our senses 'remember' - shapes, colours, sounds - we learn what we experience and attach a particular taste, feel or ...

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The solution provides an extensive discussion of the role of perception in the workplace. essentially, perception is defined and then applied to workplace situations and challenges - including its impact on behavior. Theories are presented including attribution, self-serving bias and rational decision-making theories. Resources are listed for expansion of ideas presented in the solution.