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Schedule Issues and Conflicts on Projects

Why do you think schedule issues often cause the most conflicts on projects?

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Conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. A conflict can be internal (within oneself) or external (between two or more individuals). (Wikipedia)

Thus a conflict is a perception in mind of an individual or group of individuals that the other person or group is hindering the first party from achieving a goal.

Conflict in the organization primarily occurs when concerns are narrow and goals conflict, resources and power are seen to be limited and values are regarded as undesirable. For example difference in objectives of two different individuals in the organization can be the source of conflict. Scheduling resources is an important task as:
1. It will help in reducing risk of the project.
2. It will help in coordination with the suppliers
3. It will help in supervision of the status of the project and greater accountability
4. It will help in reducing delays and will lead to greater control of project

But this is ...

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This solution discusses schedule issues and conflicts on projects.