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Motivation at the Workplace

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Write a summary for the following TED-Talk video on motivation in the workplace:


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Motivations at the workplace are examined.

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Dear Student,

Workplace motivation is an important term for employees, which encourages them towards improving their productivity, therefore; it could increase prosperity of the companies in industry (Cho, Laschinger & Wong, 2006). This tutorial guideline will provide some methods that would help the companies to overcome crisis of disengagement occurring at workplace.

Improvement in employees' psychology: Everyday operational events in companies make a direct impact on the feelings, perceptual experiences, and motives along with the performance of an employee and other team members. So, it helps to increase creativity and consequently positive outcomes (Schaufeli, Bakker & Rhenen, 2009). Through the stories that are said by Teresa Amabile in video, it could be justified that rules and policies of the companies that are used by the decision makers to improve financial strength could influence the workplace engagement behavior of employees positively and negatively both (TED Conferences, LLC, 2011). But, sometimes, the new polices affect the relationship between the employees and the productivity of organizations. Therefore, it could increase dissatisfaction among employees and consequently their engagement in organizational activities that may affect organizational profitability.

So, the management of companies can employ the productive functional policies that can motivate the employees. It would help to strengthen the relationship between employees and employer and also to reduce ...

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