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    Analyzing Perceptions

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    Recall a perception made at work regarding a colleague or manager and the resulting decision. How could you analyze this perception from the lenses of attribution theory, selective perception, halo effect, contrast effects, projection, and stereotyping? Which of these decision making shortcuts did you use?

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    Perceptual Errors defined:
    1. Attribution Theory - People want to understand the causes of human behavior, the reasons why certain actions are being done by them or by others. This type of perception error allows some people to get that feel of being in control of their own behaviors on certain situations and hence they attribute causes of certain behaviors.
    2. Selective Perception - This is mostly psychological and done unconsciously as we filter what we see and hear to leave only those that fit our needs.
    3. Halo Effect - This happens when one trait of a person or situation has been used as a basis to develop a general impression of the person or situation.
    4. Contrast Effects - This is a result when an individual's characteristics happen to be contrasted with others who either rank higher or lower on ...

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    Analyzing a perception at work and the resulting decision. References are included.