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    Literature Review & Proposal

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    Part 1
    actual Literature Review (Step 2 of the Sekaran & Bougie process) that address the most relevant findings reported in research articles which address, support, or refute the chosen hypothesis. Use the following hypotheses to compose your Literature Review:
    H1: Customer satisfaction is favorably impacted by the perceived level of customer service provided by a retail company.
    Part 2
    Using figure 5-1 of Sekaran & Bougie as a guideline Fig.5.1= New product success (Independent variable)—Stock market price (Dependent variable):
    write a Scientific Research Design appropriate for the hypothesis and the Literature and its (Step 6) of the Sekaran & Bougie process.

    Sekaran & Bougie process:
    1. A working title.
    2."""" Background of the study.""""" (Part 1)
    3. The problem statement: a. The purpose of the study b. Research questions.
    4. The scope of the study.
    5. The relevance of the study.
    6. """The research design, offering details on: a. Type of study - exploratory, descriptive, and/ or causal b. Data collection methods c. The sampling design d. Data analysis. """"" (Part 2)
    7. Time frame of the study, including information on when the written report will be handed over to the sponsors.
    8. The budget, detailing the costs with reference to specific items of expenditure. 9. Selected bibliography.

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    Step 1
    Part 1
    The hypothesis is that customer satisfaction is favorably impacted by the perceived level of customer service provided by a retailer. In the retail banking sector customer satisfaction is increased by improvement in service quality (Levesque, T., & McDougall, G. H. 1996). Further, there are models that show that there is a positive relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction (Woodside, A. G., Frey, L. L., & Daly, R. T. 1990). At the same time it has been found that if there is decreasing satisfaction with services, there is decline customer satisfaction (Fornell, C., Johnson, M. D., Anderson, E. W., Cha, J., & Bryant, B. E. 1996). In literature there is a model that shows that with service failure there is a strong negative reaction from customers. This indicates a decline in customer satisfaction (Smith, A. K., Bolton, R. N., & Wagner, J. 1999). In the hospitality sector, an integrative model is presented that link service quality, customer value, and customer satisfaction (Oh, H. 1999). Further, in the retail service sector, literature shows a close relationship between customer service and customer satisfaction (Taylor, S. A., & Baker, T. L. 1994).
    Step 2
    1.Working Title:
    In retail, customer satisfaction is increased by better customer service.
    2.Background of the Study
    Part 1
    3. Problem statement:
    Purpose of study:
    (a) Lots of retailers think that only product range and prices address customer satisfaction. They fail to take into account the role of customer service. Until they cease to be so product/price oriented, they will not ...

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