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Market Exposure & Promotion

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Explain the differences between intensive, selective and exclusive market exposure and how they affect the three basic types of promotions. You can support your answer with examples

I am having issues in understanding this part. This is a sample question of what will be on the test. I need to get a better understanding of the three distributions. Please help.

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A distribution system is only effective if customers can obtain the product. Consequently, a key decision in setting up a channel arrangement is for the marketer to choose the approach that reaches customers in the most effective way possible. The most important decision with regard to reaching the target market is to determine the level of distribution coverage needed to effectively meet customer's needs. Distribution coverage is measured in terms of the intensity by which the product is made available. For the most part, distribution coverage decisions are of most concern to consumer products companies, though there are many industrial products that also must decide how much coverage to give their products.
Ideal market exposure: makes a product available widely enough to satisfy target customers needs but not exceed them. Too much exposure only increases the total cost of marketing. Ideal market exposure or distribution can be Intensive, Selective or Exclusive.

Intensive Distribution: involves selling a product through all responsive and suitable wholesalers or ...

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