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Placement & Promotional Strategy Plans: Doritos Tacos Locos

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How can the Doritios Locos Taco by Taco Bell imporve the following:

1. Primary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations
2. Secondary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations

1. Primary Target Market Promotion Change Recommendations
2. Secondary Target Market Promotion Change Recommendations

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Solution Summary

This detailed solution discusses the primary and secondary target market placement change recommendations and primary and secondary target market promotion change recommendation. APA formatted references are included.

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Placement Strategy Plans

Primary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations

Doritos Locos tacos are currently found in over 5,800 Taco Bells in the United States and 278 Taco Bells located internationally. The Doritos Locos Tacos can be found front and center at each location. According to MSN (3/14/13) Taco Bell sold a Doritos Locos taco "at a rate of roughly one million per day in 2012". This is phenomenal growth for a new product and its success can largely be attributed to prominent placement within the fast food restaurants to encourage sales. Upon entering a store, customers are barraged with promotional materials and information regarding the Doritos Loco taco flavors. It is important to note that at this

MSN. (2013, 14 March). In 2012, Taco Bell sold one million Doritos Locos tacos....every day. MSN.com. Retrieved from http://now.msn.com/in-2012-taco-bell-sold-one-million-doritos-locos-tacos-every-day
Secondary Target Market Placement Change Recommendations

Taco Bell could inspire further growth of this fast selling item by encouraging "Taco Bell Food Trucks" to rove high-density areas that are not currently serviced by Taco Bells. Food trucks are a popular form of on -the -go dining and could encourage increased taste tests from new customers in densely populated urban areas. The food truck industry revenue is predicted to continue with steady growth, based upon information from IBIS World Market Research (IBIS World, 2012). This growth is based upon the concept that during times of low economic activity consumers spend less on luxuries like eating out; ...

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