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Forces Influencing Decisions

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What are the major forces in the situation that influence a manager's determination of how to make decisions? Give two examples and include references.

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A manager is influenced in his decision making by several forces. One of the major forces is past experience. A manager's decision making is influenced by not only his own past decisions and how they turned out, but also the results of others' decisions. A manager who got positive results from taking definitive action is more likely to act in that manner than a manager who made a decision that was bad or less rewarding. These managers might be more timid to act decisively. People tend to avoid past mistakes. If there were positive results in the past, a manager is likely to act in the same way in the future, and vice versa. After making a decision that is praised by management or that ...

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This solution discusses forces influencing a manager's decision making process. Includes two examples and APA formatted references.

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