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Government and Response to Trends

Analyze major public policy trends in the service area (in this case, CalWORKS Childcare).

Include the following:
Evaluate the ability of government to respond to trends.
Evaluate the ability of government to respond to trends in administration of CalWORKS Childcare.

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External factors are those largely outside the control of CalWORKS Childcare. These include issues such as economic climate and current and future labor market trends (e.g., skills, education level, government investment into industries etc.). On the other hand, internal influences are broadly controlled by the organization to predict, determine, and monitor (for example-the organizational culture), underpinned by management style, environmental climate, and the approach to ethical and corporate social responsibilities." This is a quote from Kelly D, 2001, Dual Perceptions of HRD: Issues for Policy: SME's, Other Constituencies, and the Contested Definitions of Human Resource Development,, so you should paraphrase as necessary.

To effectively create a climate of change in ...

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The solution analyzes major public policy trends and the ability of the government to respond.