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    Trends in international political systems

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    Political ideology has an effect on international business and trade. Compare and contrast the features of totalitarianism, democracy and individualism and collectivism and their influence on international trade.

    What are the trends in international political systems?

    Will democracy and individualism grow/ decline in the next decade? Why?

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    // There are different kinds of political systems, such as totalitarianism, democracy, individualism and collectivism. The comparison of all these systems is done in the give paper. The influence of all these features on the international trade is also discussed in the same context. We will also discuss about the trends in the international political system. Answer to the question that whether democracy and individualism grow or decline in the next decade will also be discussed.//

    The different political systems influence the international trade as it regulates the proliferation of the interference of the government in carrying out the business, both internationally and domestically, in a nation. Under an individualistic exemplar, the political officials may interfere with the market defects, but mainly handles the marketplace competition in the economy. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 502 words with references.