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Brand Marketing in New Countries

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Please describe:

- 2 USA products or services that are not yet being sold in 2 countries of your choice without adapting its marketing strategy including product, brand and customer management
- 2 USA products or services that are not yet sold in 2 countries of your choice but needed to be adapted.

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Taco Bell, most recently famous for their stunningly successful Doritos Loco Tacos, is not currently operating in Afghanistan or South Africa. Doritos Locos Tacos is a great product that could be introduced in either of these countries. In Afghanistan, the product/restaurant could be situated at armed force bases, offering our service people a taste sensation. By getting the military to buy the product while overseas, they are likely to visit Taco Bell at home to continue to enjoy Doritos Loco Tacos. South Africa has a growing middle class, where more and more households are both working so there is a larger demand for fast food (Kew, 2013). McDonalds and Burger King both operate in the country. The marketing strategy for the product brand and customer management could remain unchanged, in both of these countries since the "American-Mexican-taste sensation" marketing campaign is likely to appeal to both service members serving in Afghanistan and South African consumers. In addition, South Africa represents a "springboard into Africa" (Kew, 2013), thus allowing the brand to become ...

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This solution discusses two US products or services not yet being sold in other countries without adapting their marketing strategy and two US products not currently sold but could be sold internationally, with adaptations.

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