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    Three Marketing Opportunities for Three Firms

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    You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at several different firms simultaneously. You expect to be asked the same questions in each interview dealing with what you think are some good new marketing opportunities for each firm to pursue. You know that being well prepared for an interview gives you a better chance of being offered the job, so you decided to study each company where you are interviewing.

    Pick any 3 firms to research. Based on Internet research on these companies, write a 500 to 550-word research paper proposing at least 3 marketing opportunities that you would strongly suggest that each firm pursue. In your arguments, include the following:

    - Describe your reasoning for identifying them as worthy of pursuing.
    - Categorize each marketing opportunity as low-hanging fruit, home runs, or singles, and discuss why (see definitions in course materials).
    - Discuss the risk in pursuing each opportunity.
    - Without actually trying to determine each project's ROE, which would you most strongly recommend implementing, and why?
    - Explain how the marketing opportunity would reflect upon the firm. Would it have a positive or negative public relations effect on the firm? Would it result in great financial improvements, or only a minor improvement?

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    This section deals with analyzing marketing opportunities present in the environment. The marketing opportunity is discussed within social, political, and technological framework. It provides means to develop competitive advantage.

    Market opportunity provides the firm with an opportunity to serve the market better than its competitors. The opportunity is explored through environmental analysis. Various factors like society, political factors, and legal factors are taken into consideration.

    The three companies taken for study are Samsung, Wal-Mart, and Coca-Cola.

    Samsung can adopt 'net-to-mobile' techniques to promote its brand. This technique is viewed as emerging marketing opportunity. It opens the gate of fusion of two brand owners. The companies, which were advertising their products through Internet, are now using mobile phones for promotions. More than half of the population is digitally connected and the huge growth is expected in both the Internet usage and mobile medium. Extending Internet promotions to mobile phones help the company to reach a diverse target audience. It is a cost-effective technique (Srinivasan).

    There is a high level of demand for applications developed by the company. The ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in two different sections: the first summarizing the companies, the second summarizing marketing opportunities for the companies. The solution is 947 words with three references included.