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    Heizer and Render Organization Basic Functions

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    Heizer and Render hold that Operations, Marketing and Finance/Accounts are "the three basic functions basic to all organizations" (Heizer&Render, 2006).

    But isn't the implication that there might be a difference (not in the requirement but in the delivery) somewhat.

    Please discuss the differences in emphasis in the three organizations.

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    The differences in emphasis in the three organizations are that some organizations stress more on one type of organization. This effects the structure, the culture, and the performance of the organization.
    When considering organizations that focus on operations, these organizations usually have two types of directions; These organizations may be focused on gaining economies of scale and are increase their volume of production. These organizations achieve lower per unit costs as their volume of production increases. This leads to economic growth. Usually such organizations have superior organizational inputs to its production process, techniques, inputs, and learning. The organization typically achieves competitive advantage because of cost leadership. One of the organizations that has achieved economies of scale is Wal-Mart (2).
    Consider the second case of operations focus in which the focus is on quality and standards for production. These companies are focused on quality. There is continuous improvement in quality. Quality is build around the company's core system including operations. Quality is applied to process like business strategy development, quality of market research, and quality leading to improvement in image (1).
    When, an organization places ...

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